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Organic Skin Care Products

Dead Sea Salts from 1.618 - 100% pure & natural

Dead sea salts is very famous due to its rich concentration of minerals, these minerals is a natural therapeutic to care & treat your body, the dead sea salts we offer to you is harvested from the southern shores of the dead sea in Jordan, we are at the source & we only offer you 100% natural dead sea salt.

Why Dead Sea Salts from 1618®?

Dead Sea History: Religion, Royalty & Beauty

The key transformation for the use of the Dead Sea is when queen Cleopatra of Egypt discovered its benefits to skin & body, she Built  a palace on its shores to indulge her self with Its minerals. it was the first Spa in Human History & it was Built for Egyption royalty. 

Modren Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is a world wide go to destination due to its great benefits it have many appealing resorts & Spa, in 2014 eleven Beauty Queens from the USA visited the Dead Sea  to enjoy the Salt, Mud & water Qualities.  



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