Sea Salt Benefits

Sea Salt Benefits

Dead sea salt benefits














It’s a zero  gravity experience floating in the Dead Sea, you float weightless like space walking without going to space, the float is so relaxing quite & effort less, the water is stillest than any ocean by 8.6, you can drift 1 km to the middle of the sea & not worry by drowning cause simply you can’t, the water is crystal clear you can see the crystal white sea floor & you don’t have to worry about sharks, the relaxation is at sky levels, so you surrender yourself to the personal haven the dead sea provides, the water & the air is rich with minerals like bromine, a very popular natural sedative that have relaxing effect on muscles & nerves. But the treat is when you leave the water you skin will be ultra-moisturized & soft.


Bathing in mineral water was widely recognized by human since thousands of years  Hippocrates described the benefits of bathing in mineral water for body & skin, even in deferent cultures through time you will always find the the allure of bathing in mineral rich water from Cleopatra that reportedly requested from marc antonym to invade the dead sea region to get unlimited supplies of the natural wonder, to The Empire of Japan Onsen in hot springs to alleviate a host of complaints ranging from acne to wrinkles.


In nowadays alternative health blogs is buzzing about transdermal magnesium therapy: since the magnesium can be absorbed through skin  into the cells, devotees allege that a bath containing a few cups of Dead Sea Salt will deliver health boosting results as lowering blood pressure increase diet intake of magnesium sulfate more efficiently than oral intake of supplements.

 Most of us have negative opinions regarding salt effect on skin since we think the salt absorb water & dehydrate our skin from that sticky skin feeling after a long day on the beach. However Dead Sea Salt is deferent form any other kind of Salt on earth most oceans salt consist of 82% sodium chloride, Dead Sea salt have only 12% sodium chloride & 21 other deferent kinds if minerals 12 of which is not found any other kind of salt on earth.

research have shoed that Dead Sea Salt have a high concentration in magnesium and calcium, which improve hydration by strengthening the barrier function of the skin." Indeed, those minerals—in addition to zinc and potassium, other components of unrefined salt—are classified by scientists as "natural moisturization factors" for the way they support the skin's water balance. "An example is that when you sit in a non-salt bath, your skin wrinkles and prunes,". "But that doesn't happen in salt water because salt reproduces an environment in balance with your skin in which your skin doesn't leak out moisture."